Holistic Coaching

for body, mind and soul

What is coaching and who is it for?

Coaching, in the sense of solution-oriented advice, is when the client and coach look for solutions to a problem together. It is not a problem analysis but rather a focus for working out possible goals, strategies and ways out of a stressful state. The analysis of causes in the sense of psychotherapy takes a different approach. In this case, solution-oriented coaching can complement psychotherapy.

Possible stresses with which people go into coaching can be very different in nature. The most common topics include burn-out, stress, recurring behavior patterns, disorientation, lack of self-confidence, dissatisfaction, fears, depression, trauma, and psychosomatic complaints.

Solution-oriented, holistic coaching is based on the assumption that all people already have the solutions to their problems within themselves. As a coach, I help to increase the self-healing and self-help potential of my clients.

What's important to me

My offer is aimed at all people who are interested in working with me to find solutions for their transformation requests. Age, gender, sexual orientation and religion do not play a role. 

That said, I do not wish to work with people who harbor hate-driven and intolerant thoughts that are directed against a diverse, democratic society.  Solutions to these types of problems can be found at the following oranizations:


My work

Mental health is often viewed separately from the body. Today we know how important a holistic approach is, which includes body, mind and soul in equal proportions to maintain and restore our health. Just like a sensitive ecosystem, everything in our organism is interrelated. Emotional complaints can not only trigger physical complaints - emotional complaints can also be improved and healed through the body and vice versa. 

From a holistic standpoint, I use both somatic and cognitive methods in my work, which I combine as required within a coaching process, depending on what is needed at the moment and what my clients feel comfortable with.

My philosophy
The cooperation in coaching always happens at eye level, appreciative, with calm and clarity - and humor :-) I am happy to answer any further questions about my work: mail(at)cinderellabaksasoos.de

Transformative Bodywork — Somatic Coaching

We pay attention to the body through touch and observation and uncover learned patterns, chains of thoughts, feelings, and physical expression. 

Through conscious breathing, contracting and relaxing, my clients learn to let go of these patterns and release their own energy. We allow the body to develop its self-healing potential and thus enable changes in thinking, feeling and acting.

Tapping when there's trauma — Trauma Buster Technique®

If a traumatic experience is mentally present, we work together with a combination of tapping and neuro-linguistic programming techniques. Meridian points on the head and trunk are "tapped on" while the memory of the traumatic experience is fragmented and alienated in image and sound. As a result, the emotional and physical experience of this memory is reprogramed, allowing the body, mind, and soul to find peace again. 

In special cases, e.g. birth traumas in the puerperium, or immobility after an accident, sessions are offered in the comfort of your home.


Workshops and Trainings

In my workshops and trainings, I share knowledge and guide practical exercises to support my participants in letting go of stress, releasing blockages and increasing their potential. I work with both private groups and organizations. Just speak to me and we will work out together which format is the most suitable for your needs.

About me

People often ask me, “Is your name really Cinderella?” Yes, it certainly is. I live with my son in Berlin, the city where I was born and raised.  I have always worked with people, heard out their problems, and together, we have found solutions.

Through my relationships with people, my curiosity in their stories, and my personal coaching experience, I decided that after many years in HR and communication positions, I wanted to dedicated myself to coaching and working as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy.

The alternative healing methods of people, particualliy from Far Eastern cultures, have always interested me. A mindful, holistic approach is the premis of my solution-oriented work as a coach.

I have a healing license as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy and am educated and certified in coaching and personality development (via Arche Medica), Transformative Bodywork (with Sophie Kinkel) and the Trauma Buster Technique® (with Rehana Webster).


Phone: +49 (0)163  9612108
Email: mail(at)cinderellabaksasoos.de

Due to my line of work, I am not always able to answer directly. If you leave a message, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

You can easily book appointments online.

My place of healing

Hands On - Studio for Body Awareness
Luipoldstraße 6
10781 Berlin